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About US

About Us

Masters Of Growth

Masters of Growth Podcast is hosted by Mansingh Gadhvi, Founder of GrowthCulture and Author of The Growth Company.

The Podcast features top CEOs sharing their thoughts, experiences and insights from their professional journey and building great businesses. Each episode covers a wide range of topics — where the CEO shares more about his/her professional journey, about the business they are building, leadership & management lessons, Industry trends, future of work, road ahead, their advice around professional growth and more.

Important to note that it’s not a boring business talk, but the conversation could inspire, motivate the listeners with some great content that could help in their professional and personal growth journey.

About the Host

Apart from being a host of Masters of Growth Podcast, Mansingh Gadhvi is an author, strategic growth advisor, management consultant and venture capitalist with close to two decades of corporate experience and has worked with top companies like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Dell before founding GrowthCulture Consulting.

He is passionate about business growth and as a result he devotes lot of his time working with companies with high growth potential — supporting founders/CEOs with strategic growth advisory, consulting services and venture funding, that could help them scale their business faster.

Mansingh’s vision is a world full of high growth companies with motivated, inspired and happy employees. He believes with growth comes all kind of opportunities, all the stakeholders stands to gain and it results in a better world, in his book The Growth Company he has shared 17 Growth Commandments, that could help companies drive better business results and could accelerate growth momentum.